Remembering 9/11.  Field of Flags in Salem, Oregon at Riverfront Park.

Field of Flags - Twin Towers

Twin Towers-Never Forget

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Riverfront Park in Salem, Oregon, and view the Field of Flags.  There are no words to describe the emotion that you feel when looking out across the entire park lined with flags in honor of each person that lost their life that day, and also the military personnel that have lost their lives since then.  There was also a section honoring all of the Oregon Police and Firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Field of Dreams Flag of Honor

Flag of Honor with the names of all who lost their lives.

I’m sure each of us remembers where we were on that day, and at that time.  I was at Legacy Children’s Hospital with my son who had just finished up his battle with brain cancer, and was now on to physical therapy for a month.  We were living at the hospital at the time for a month.   We were getting ready for his first round of therapy for the day when the news report came on.   We spent the day with a lot of the staff in that wing as they would stop in to watch the news with us.  We were all horrified, there were a lot of tears,  and the wing was extremely quiet that day which is really strange for a children’s wing.    I remember being terrified that more was coming and that my other two children, husband and mother were in Salem which seemed so far away that day.

Field of Flags

Field of Flags Tower

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families who lost loved ones that day, and to all of the families of our service men and women that have lost loved ones  since then.

Where were you on 9/11?  Never forget!