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Word of Mouth Salem Oregon

Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro, or WOM as it is sometimes called by the locals, is one of the hottest new restaurants to hit Salem Oregon in a long time.  Whether you are looking for a new place to eat breakfast, a hopping new lunch spot, or a dinner venue, WOM has you covered.  Although WOM is fairly new to the Salem area, the owners Steve and Becky Mucha are not new to the restaurant business, or Salem.  You can read their story on their website.

I recently polled some local community members on my Salem Oregon Real Estate and Homes for Sale page on Facebook, and here are some of our favorites.

First my husband and I will weigh in on our favs….  I have many but love, love, love the omelettes, any one of them, clam chowder-it’s the best, Reuben (although I like mine on sourdough), and my all time favorite which is not on the menu and only available a couple times a month, Monte Cristo sandwich.  We both love the Bloody Marys also-they use real horseradish, so they have a kick!  My husband’s all time fav in addition to the Bloody Marys is the freakin French Toast (yes, that is a direct quote from him on my Facebook page, and yes, he does quote movies and can be irritating at times 😉 )

Bloody Mary Word of Mouth

Bloody Mary

Word of Mouth Omelette

One of many Omelettes

Rueben and clam chowder Word of Mouth

Reuben and Clam Chowder

Jim and Bree Alhiser of Perfection Inspection both agree with my husband, and love the Creme Brulee (I don’t know how to get the marks over Brulee) French Toast.  Searched for a picture of this wonderful breakfast treat, but couldn’t find one.  Guess I will need to stop in and order some for a picture.   By the way, buying or selling a home and need an inspection?  Click on the link above to take you to Jim’s website.  No, sorry, Bree doesn’t crawl under homes 😉

Kelvin Dettwyler of Salem Insurance Agency loves the clam chowder also.  However, I think he has a new favorite since he posted it on his Facebook profile today, and that would be the Salmon Hash.   Need to save money on your insurance?  Visit Kelvin’s site!

Word of Mouth Salmon Hash

Salmon Hash

WOM’s own Becky loves the Big Blueberry Pancake brushed with butter, and any tomato soup that they make.

Victoria Linton with Ticor Title states that the Clam Chowder is the best, and Victoria grew up in New England and has been eating Clam Chowder all of her life.  Victoria has some great tech tips on her blog.

Many others in the community weighed in also.  Here are some of the other recommendations:

Brie, Asparagus and Ham Omelette-Fabulous

Flying Biscuit and Blueberry Pancakes with Strawberry Jam

Chicken Alfredo Soup and Chicken Bruschetta  (this customer super hearts WOM)

Reuben Sandwich

Eggs Benedict

Lamb Shank

Halibut Fish and Chips

Tiger Prawns

Numerous more votes for the French Toast

The list goes on and on.  Want to find out the night before what the specials will be?  You can do that by visiting WOM”s website and signing up for the email updates.  Visit Word of Mouth on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news.  Have a favorite WOM menu item?  Please comment below and share it.  Lastly, huge congratulations to Becky, Steve and all of the WOM staff for winning 3 awards in this year’s Best of Mid Valley 2010 contest by the Statesman Journal.  WOM won Best Breakfast, Friendliest Staff and Best Undiscovered Restaurant.  Something tells me they won’t stay “undiscovered” long!