Okay, now that you have finally done it AND MADE YOUR GREAT ESCAPE…..WHAT NEXT??? Where are you going to find the best food and best deals??

FATHOMS inside of the Inn at Spanish Head has fantastic happy hour specials. Appetizers range from $1.99 to $3.99. Our favorites?? Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip and Chicken Satay.

The Grey Coast and Keylime Martinis are yummy also!!

For dinner we head to Pier 101 which is the place with the huge crab painted on the side. They have THE BEST deep fried halibut and prawns. The batter is like none other. The Pier has many options for fresh seafood and steak. At first, the prices may seem a bit pricey until you see the portion sizes. The halibut chunks are a great appetizer to start out with. You’ll want malt vinegar, tartar sauce and cocktail sauce for these. The Seafood Platter is a great choice for dinner that gives you a little bit of everything-steamers in a beef/garlic broth, baked halibut, deep fried prawns, cod and scallops, and baked oysters. (I always sub the oysters out for prawns). All of this is served with Pier Plank Potatoes (awesome with malt vinegar and tartar sauce) and bread.

If you have a prime rib lover in the group, then Friday and Saturday night is the time to visit the Pier.

Other great places to eat for Breakfast is Richen’s on the Beach. Again, the menu is a little pricey, at about $10 a breakfast, but the portions are large enough to last you all day until dinner. While you are there, be sure to try one a Bloody Mary. The homemade mix is wonderful!!

See you at the Oregon Coast!!