Your Salem Oregon Real Estate Agent‘s Tips on Holiday Decorating When Your Home is on the Market

Decorating your Salem Oregon Home for the Holidays

My Salem Oregon home is currently on the market.  Can I still decorate for the holidays, or will that turn potential buyers off?  That’s a great question, and I get asked that a lot this time of year.   Another frequent question that I get asked is whether or not now is a good time to list my Salem Oregon Home. We will get to why the holiday season can be a great time to sell your Salem Oregon home in another post.  As for the question about decorating your Salem Oregon home for the holidays, the answer is yes, please do!  A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when decorating is to keep it simple with high quality decor and coordinating colors.   Also, be sure to have your real estate agent come back to your home to take new photos if you listed your home during the holiday season, and the original photos were taken when your home was decorated.    Here are a few more tips from the online Realtor Mag written by Melissa Dittmann Tracey.

1.  Don’t overdo the holiday cheer.

2.  Add splashes of holiday colors.

3.  Stage for the senses.

4.  Keep the tree simple, yet elegant.

5.  Give a holiday impression from the curb.

6.  Remove decor right after the holidays.

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