Selling Your Salem Oregon Home-Should I Get a Pre-Sale Inspection?

Getting a pre-sale home inspection

I encourage my Salem, Oregon area home sellers to get a pre-sale home inspection.  When I sell my personal home, I get a pre-sale home inspection on my home.  There are many reasons why getting a pre-sale home inspection is a good idea.

1.  When you get a pre-sale home inspection, you already know what repairs need to be done on your home before selling.

2.  The pre-sale home inspection allows you to choose which repairs you will make on your home.

3.  You will be able to do the repairs right away, on your own time-frame vs. being rushed to get them completed by the closing date of the sale of your home.  This makes for less stress for you during the home selling process.

4.  Many inspectors have signs that you can put in your yard that state that a pre-sale inspection has already been completed.

5.  The fact that you have had a pre-sale inspection and completed repairs can also be put in the remarks wherever your home is advertised.

6.  Buyers are more confident writing an offer on your home when they know that you have had a pre-sale inspection, and the repairs have been completed.  This makes your home stand out to buyers.

Of course, it is still important that buyers have their own independent home inspection before buying your home, but it’s very unlikely than any further need for large repairs will surface.

If you are preparing to sell your Salem Oregon home, I can provide you with the contact information for home inspectors in the Willamette Valley.  Just give me a call at 503-931-1846, or send me an email.   If you would like to do your research on your own, one of the great sites to visit is Perfection Inspection, Inc. On that site you find pricing information, and also learn about many of the items that may come up in a pre-sale inspection.  You can also learn more about one of the newer technologies for home inspection.  Jim uses a thermal camera which is great for detecting many things not seen by the eye.  One of my favorite repair issues that it can detect is leaks,  and how large of an area is affected.   You will see many examples on Jim’s Salem Oregon Home Inspector’s blog.