Selling Your Salem Oregon Home-How Do I Remove My Woodstove or Fireplace Insert?

Woodstove Law Oregon

You have a couple of different options for removing your woodstove or fireplace insert once you have determined that it is not certified through DEQ or EPA.

You can remove it yourself, or contact your local woodstove retailer or chimney sweep who may be able to remove and destroy your device for you. Home Firestove is one of the local businesses that can help you out with this.

If you choose to remove it yourself, you can take it to a local metal scrap recycler or landfill  to make sure it is properly disposed of.  Be sure you get a receipt from wherever you take your stove/insert.  Your receipt is proof of the stove’s destruction, and part of your notification to DEQ.

Prior to the close of your sale, you can submit a woodstove disclosure form online to DEQ.   You can also print out a paper form from the website and follow the instructions.

For more information on the requirements regarding removing your woodstove or fireplace insert check out my questions and answers at Real Estate Salem Oregon Seller Tips.