Selling Your Salem Oregon Home-How Do I Know If I Need to Remove My Woodstove or Fireplace Insert?

Salem Oregon Woodstove Law

On August, 1 2010, Oregon did enact a new law that affects sellers who have woodstoves or fireplace inserts.  This law requires you to remove the woodstove or fireplace insert if it is not certified by DEQ or EPA.  This law was put into place  for environmental protection, and for the most part includes woodstoves or inserts that are over 25 years old, or those that you have installed yourself.  How can you tell if your woodstove or fireplace insert is allowable?  You can tell if your device is certified by looking on the back for a certification sticker from Oregon DEQ or EPA.  This label will indicate that it is certified to comply with particular emission standards.  A safety label (from U.L. or other safety listing agencies) is not the same as DEQ or EPA certification.   Salem Oregon Home Inspector,  Jim Allhiser, has posted a blog with photos of the stickers you are looking for.  Visit his Perfection Inspection website to see if your device has these needed stickers.  You can also check DEQ’S webpage to see if your wood heating device is listed on the EPA’s or DEQ’s certification list.

For more information on this new law, and to get answers to some of the other questions you may have about this law, visit my post at Real Estate Salem Oregon.