Buying a Salem Oregon Home-What is the Difference Between an Inspection and an Appraisal?

That is a great question!  I frequently am asked why a buyer needs to get an inspection if they are getting an appraisal.  The inspection and appraisal are two entirely different processes.

Salem Oregon Home Inspector


You, as the buyer, get to choose your inspector and attend the inspection.  At the inspection the inspector will compare your home to a perfect home.  His job is not to pass or fail your new home, that is your decision.  His job will be to thoroughly inspect all of the major parts of your home such as the roof, gutters, siding, furnace, electrical panel and outlets, attic and crawlspace.  He will also be looking for leaks, dry rot  and most of the time, pests (critters  you don’t want living in or under your home).   The inspector will then put together a report of his findings for us to review together.  Once we have the report, we have the option to request that the seller make any  repairs by submitting a Buyer Repair Addendum to the sellers.   Many of the repairs noted on the inspection will be home maintenance items to monitor, but some may be repairs for more serious issues that may affect whether or not you can get a loan on the property.   It is imperative that you get an inspection when you buy a home.  You need to know what you are buying before you buy it.  You want to know if the roof is getting ready to cave in, or there are other serious issues with the home.


The appraisal is ordered by the person who is doing your mortgage for you.  The appraisal is a process to determine the market value on your home.  The lender wants to be sure that the loan amount for your new home matches what the home is worth.  The appraiser’s job is to visit the home where they will take pictures and measurements, and observe the overall condition of your home.   Once they have done that, they will then run a market analysis to find recent sales in the area.  They use these sales to help determine a value for your home taking into consideration the condition of the home.  The appraiser may “condition” for some items to be done in order for the loan amount to match the value.  If there is a glaring issue with the home, the appraiser will call it.  However, it is important to remember that the appraiser is not a certified home inspector, so you don’t want to rely on the fact that they will see these issues.

If you need a referral for a local Salem Oregon Home Inspector, give me a call and I will be happy to provide some companies for you to contact.